My set back was a come back...... (Part 1)

After 11 years of working for a fortune 500 company with a promising position, I found myself having mixed feelings of what I call regret. Starting over can be scary and it can be even scarier when you start over and nothing is guaranteed. I told myself for years that I would leave my job and pursue my dream and big plans that I couldn’t stop talking about. I would literally be in meetings, on conference calls and training my staff add thinking there has to be more. “Dont get me wrong!” I made what I consider now a decent comfortable salary. I didn’t need a degree to continue climbing the success ladder with the company I worked for. I worked hard and set goals, in which I achieved every time; but in the end something was missing and I felt empty.

March 2017, I realized that I was unhappy with my job and it was time for me to act on what I told myself years before I would do. I started doing massive research on starting the business I dreamed of and longed to do forever. I took my savings and invested it all into starting my business. From business registration, marketing, inventory, websites, photographers and so on. Every last dollar I had, went into launching my business. Some money was set aside for rainy days, but at that point I was willing to risk it all to start my business. (Renee Noir)

Fast forward November 15th and BOOM! I launched my business and hit the ground running. Launch night/week a few pieces sold out. I was excited and felt like that was a easy breezy launch. I than ordered a mass supply of inventory to restock, only to realize that was my first mistake in business. My second mistake was ordering merchandise from a vendor and trusting the quality of their product before I personally touched each piece by hand myself. (This I will talk more about in my next blog….) I lost so much money from that mistake itself. I begin to stress and become frustrated with everything that seemed to be out of my control at that time.

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